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Medical Physicist started his career journey at PUC’s Interdisciplinary undergraduate program

Las Últimas Noticias Newspaper – July 13th 2021

Eduardo Cisternas, medical physicist awarded by MIT: Chile is a remarkably classist country

El Desconcierto – February 11th 2020

MIT chooses four Chilean startups among the best in Latin America in 2019

El Mercurio online (EMOL) – February 20th 2020

The four Chilean ventures awarded by MIT

La Tercera Newspaper – January 18th 2020

MIT magazine highlights three innovative Chileans

Las Últimas Noticias Newspaper – January 18th 2020

MIT chooses four Chilean ventures among the best in Latin America.

Qué Pasa magazine – January 17th 2020

MIT: Meet the 35 most innovative Latin Americans of 2019.

El Empresario MX – January 17th 2020

MIT Technology Review reveals 2019 list of Innovators Under 35 LATAM

The Bogota Post – January 17th 2020

These are the 35 most innovative young Latinos of 2019: MIT

Forbes Mexico – January 16th 2020

Free software helps control radiation therapy doses in cancer

El Mercurio – November 28th, 2018

Master student was honored in Canada

Visión UC – September 2015

Two Chilean rewarded for technologies to fight against cancer

El Mercurio – July 3rd 2015